I obtain internal glands from outfitters, hunting guides, and hunters in the U.S. and Canada. I purchase some estrus urines from a couple of small collectors who collect and handle the urine with as much care as I do when I formulate these raw materials into my lures. Once I obtain top quality ingredients, I go to work producing attractants that elicit responses from the 1 Sexual; 2. Natural; 3. Curiosity; animal instinct urges that animals have. NONE OF MY BIG GAME LURES ARE STRAIGHT URINE. I am not a “urine bottler”. All products are formulated to react on various animal instinct urges.

Great Lures should be able to trigger more than one response in an animal in order to maximize effectiveness and your satisfaction. The more reactions a lure causes an animal to have and the more intense that response is, the better the lure is and the more opportunities you are going to have.
  • I manufacture lures from many different glands, musks, and urines. I don’t pour urine in a bottle and call it a scent. “In-season” estrus urin is ONLY THE BEGINNING ingredient in my buck lures. That is what separates sex scents from great lures and that is what separates my lures from other manufacturer’s lures.
  • By combining three of the four natural urges an animal has (hunger excluded), you end up with an attractant that attracts a higher percentage of the time.
  • My lures arouse the sexual, natural, and curiosity urges of game, not just the sexual urge like a bottle of quality, well handled estrus urine does. This is what you want in a TRUE lure.
  • Lure manufacturing is an art that takes many years of testing and experimentation in order to formulate lures that hold attention and attract. The best lures are “fixed” so ALL the ingredients blend and permeate the area when exposed to air.
  • My lures and masking scents come from the finest and most expensive lure ingredients and glands obtainable.
  • Our products are NOT “CUT” like a lot of other manufactured scents and lures. Our lures are ALL FULL STRENGTH. We also don’t use non-estrus deer, elk, cow or sheep urine as a base urine like some of the other manufacturers use. WE PUT QUALITY ABOVE ALL OTHER CONSIDERATIONS.