Research & Development

Our formulate gland lures are comprised of internal glands, “in-season” estrus urines, musks, plant extracts, and other natural materials. The glands used in our lures are the primary ingredients and the “in-season” estrus urines are secondary. Estrus urine is used as my base “carrier” solvent that also serves as an added attractant. Why not be a “urine bottler” like most scent companies? Estrus urine is always more attractive to mature bucks than straight doe urine because the reproductive organs are active during the breeding season and they cause numerous chemical compound changes in the urine. The urine has a greater concentration of some chemical compounds during the breeding season. It is much better quality urine – “in-season” estrus urine has a different odor and is a better attractant than regular doe urine. But some of the communication pheromones that are in the urine when they are discharged from the doe are very volatile and evaporate during collection and storage. Few manufacturers will talk freely about this fact. Estrus urine is always better than non-estrus urine for attracting rutting bucks, but it is not as good as an attractant if some of the pheromones are absent. That is why I use reproductive glands from “in-season” does in my buck lures along with other glands, musks, and natural materials. I want to elicit numerous important instinct urges in the target animal. Once I come up with a formula that passes my test, it always outperforms a straight, commercial “bottled urine” product. Always.

John Collins posing with a 9-point buck

During November I spend my time researching, developing, and improving formulas for whitetails. My time is better spent doing this than taking care of a herd of deer. I produce a superior product this way. I could not come close to making as good a product if I only collected and bottled straight deer urine.

I manufacture a limited amount of top quality buck lure each year. I don’t sell 55-gallon drums of straight deer urine like other scent companies flood the market with. The glands that I obtain are in short supply and again, quality comes first with me. I won’t cut quality to keep sales going! I am very proud of the James Valley reputation for quality. I purchase November collected “in-season” estrus whitetail urine from a couple of game farms which have strong, clean, quality urine. They are not supplying the “mass producers” and they do not have their own line of scents. They provide me with the ingredient that I uses as my base solvent – “in-season” estrus urine.

Some “urine bottlers” will tell you that straight doe or buck urine is the best attractant because deer will want to investigate the “new kid on the block” and it is the most common deer scent. Whenever deer urinate, they leave a substantial amount of urine on the ground. This urine has over 100 separate chemicals in it that evaporate at different rates as they are exposed to air. Consequently, the odor changes as the chemicals evaporate. It’s unlikely that the buck you’re looking for is roaming around the woods all day smelling all those urine deposits. Animals don’t investigate every urine deposit they encounter.

After a few hours, each urine deposit’s odor changes, which makes it smell like it came from a different animal. I don’t believe bucks are checking out all those “new deer” all day long. The “urine bottlers” would like you to believe they are and this is how deer behave. Straight doe or buck urine is found far too commonly in the woods to consistently attract bucks.

I continually test formulas on WILD ANIMALS IN THEIR WILD HABITAT.

Years ago my Number One Goal was to manufacture the finest Whitetail Deer, bear, Moose, and Elk Scents on the market. I wanted to have the reputation for having the HIGHEST QUALITY products in the scent business. I believe we have met that goal and are noted as having the best, the highest quality and the most consistently effective lures and scents on the market. I want to thank all of you again for your support and I wish you the very best this hunting season!