Quality Lures

I’m a trophy hunter who started trapping predators, mink, and beaver when I was nine years old. I know what works to attract animals consistently. I won’t tell you outrageous claims about our products and I won’t offer you any gimmicks. I feel great when customers call and tell me that James Valley is the first scent that they have had positive results with. I hear from a lot of satisfied customers each year.

My idols are the old-time trapping lure manufacturers – not biologists or chemists who try and fool people with synthetics and theories that do not produce consistent, positive responses from game. The best trapping lure manufacturers – then and now, are professional trappers – not writers, biologists, or chemists. I make my hunting attractants like my idols make their trapping lures – with quality materials and a lot of testing. I’m not a “urine bottler” – 90% of the “manufacturers” buy and bottle straight doe urine, label it “heat urine” and sell it as their buck lure. We take it a lot further than that!

I question the scent companies who state: “Our urines are strained to filter out contaminants”. Hey, if the urine has contaminants in it, the urine has already absorbed the contaminating odors!

I also question the scent companies who state that they use straight urine (and only straight urine) in their buck lures. Their early season lure is straight doe urine. Their “mock scrape” lure is straight buck-in-rut urine and their “rut” lure is straight heat urine. My answer to this is: Do you guys know trapping or trappers know of anyone who use only straight urine at their sets as the sole attraction? Ask any pro trapper if he relies on only straight urine, synthetics, or formulated lures to pay his bills. The smart trapper will choose naturally formulated gland/call lures every time. I know over 100 trappers personally, and not one of them uses straight urine as his attraction lure. They all use blended, multiple ingredient, proven formulas to attract and hold attention. Triggering various responses from three of the four animal instinct urges is the consistent way to attract deer and other game.

I’m really tired of most of the outdoor writers and biologists who are writing about scents. Out of all of them, I have found very few who talk about properly presenting attractants, the wind and thermal factor and the importance of concentrations. Why? These people do not know how to properly use a product that they claim to be “authorities” on; they classify straight urines, gland lures, plastic wafers, powders, and synthetics in the same category and they do not comment on the importance of concentrations. Outdoor writers and biologists are not professionals on scents and their usage. They contribute greatly to hunters having problems and “mixed” results with scents.