Scent Stopper Boot Creme


  • Kills human odor while waterproofing leather hunting boots!
  • 4 oz. jar
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    Leather boots absorb more sweat and accumulate more human odor than ANY other article of clothing. The ‘game-spooking’ odor is held within the leather and is impossible to clean. The odors are constantly being ‘time-released’ into the air. SCENT STOPPER Boot Crème “flattens” foot odor, sweat odor, silicone, and other foreign odors that spook game.

    Scent Stopper controls odors in leather boots and leather hunting gear. Scent Stopper is a superior leather preservative and waterproofer. Silicone spooks game. Scent stopper stops human and foreign odor, preserves and waterproofs leather. Why go to extremes to keep your body and hunting clothes clean, only to have your scent-saturated boots give you away?

    This is a dual purpose product for the serious, scent conscious big game hunter. SCENT STOPPER is very concentrated and a jar will last many hunting trips. Do not use on suede. Will darken some leathers.