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Scent Line Scent Line Extra Line Scentology DVD
Scent Line
Our Price: $15.95
Scent Line Extra Line
Our Price: $5.95
Scentology DVD
Our Price: $15.95
A superior "trail-making" device that works well with my liquid lures. Contains 100 yards of "surface-wicking" fiber blend cord. Re-usable and easy to change over to another scent. Extra spool of line for our Scent Line product. This DVD is over an hour long and is filled with scenes of bucks and bears reacting to James Valley Scents. Numerous "real hunter" testimonials and actual kills are included in this 61 minute video. John Collins shows how to apply accents at tree stand locations, scrapes and he also demonstrates various ways to lay scent trails for consistent results. There are lots of exciting scenes throughout this DVD that will interest all deer and bear hunters. A must for serious deer and bear trophy hunters and for those who want to learn more about the proper way to use scents.
Sheep Skin Strips Cap Logo Tee
Sheep Skin Strips
Our Price: $7.99
Our Price: $20.00
Logo Tee
Our Price: $15.00
3/4" by 20" by 1" brown, tanned sheep strips for holding liquid and gel lures and for making scent trails. They can be tied around boots, tree branches, etc. for holding scents for the longest and most effective periods of time. Can be used as "drag rags" for making scent trails. They are thick, and won't let your attractant or cover scent get washed away when hunting wet ground conditions. The logo cap features a Realtree Xtra camo print and an orange embroidered James Valley Company logo on the front. This unstructured cap is garment washed for softness, made of 60/40 cotton/poly twill with a low profile and has a hook and loop closure. Show your support for the James Valley Company! A reliable choice for
comfort, softness and durability. This gold tee features a black James
Valley Company imprint. 5.5-ounce, 50/50 cotton/poly.
Glass / Metal Scent Holders
Florescent orange-colored glass scent holders filled with sheep's wool and tight sealing metal caps. Your big game lure odors will escape and flatten out if you use plastic 35mm film canisters or plastic scent holders. Use what I use - glass and metal. They are far superior to plastic, keeps lure odors strong and effective and no odor escapes that causes weakening of your scent due to air. Hanger wire attached.