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Scrape Gel enhances breeding scrapes during the pre- and full-rut periods of the breeding season. It contains doe internal glands, "in-season" estrous urine, domestic and foreign musks, doe secretions and calling agents that "trigger" breeding behavior in whitetail bucks. Scrape Gel also works as a great trail attractant for making scent trails. Gel form is the way to go when using scents at breeding or mock scrapes. Evaporation is minimal. The gel scent lasts much longer. Use 3-4 weeks prior to the peak of the rut in your area. Please order early.
James Valley Scents are innovators of the first GEL scent in the scent industry and provide premium quality attractants for scent conscious big-game hunters.
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Gel on a stick • Won't soak up into the soil or suface foilage.
• Can last for weeks after application
• Lasts much longer than liquid scents.
• Will adhere to the soles of your boots for laying scent trails.
• Won't crust over. The scent "breathes" through for many days.
• Will adhere to the overhanging limbs above scrapes.

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